LPN Refresher Course - Clinicals

  1. I tried searching this topic within the forums but found nothing. I've had my LPN for 25 years but haven't practiced in 11 years. I am on inactive status and looking into taking an online refresher course in order to become active.
    I am working on attaining my RN-BSN but need a way to support my education and having my current LPN status will help facilitate that.
    The program I'm looking at is approved by the Arizona State Board of Nursing, where I am currently licensed. However, they require I find the facility to perform my 120 hours of clinical rotations.

    I know this a long shot but I was wondering if anyone here has completed such a course here in the Phoenix, AZ area and might offer suggestions of facilities I may contact.

    Thanks for any input/direction!
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  3. by   OrganizedChaos
    First thing, if you are not currently a licensed RN it is against the TOS to have RN in your screen name.

    Have you tried looking on your state's BON for approved refresher courses?