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  1. I am interested in what people out there are making per hour as an LPN and also what state you work in. What you started out at after graduation vs. now with some experience would be great too. Thanks a lot for sharing!

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  3. by   misty77
    I'm from Texas and new LVN grads are paid generally 9-9.50/hr (plus shift diff.)Since I have been an LVN for 19 years, I make 13 (day shift).
  4. by   mysticalmoonray
    It depends on the state I just moved from WV where starting pay could be as high as 13.00 an hour at nursing homes where you were extremely stressed by the allottment of work and a very tiny work schedule. Physician offices started at $10 and capped at $13
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    This thread is 10 years old. We have more current threads -- search the forum for more current threads about LPN's salary.
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    I absolutely agree with the previous poster. When conducting a search, please pay close attention to the dates of the threads prior to posting your response. This thread was originally created in 1999, and the information is grossly outdated.

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