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  1. I am currently an LPN looking for an LPN-BSN program online with very minimum on campus hours. I know hardly any online program is 100% online. I cannot afford to sit in a classroom 5 days a week, I need to be able to continue working a full time schedule. I live in the western KY, IL, TN, MI area. Is there a program out there that would fit my needs?? HELP!
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  3. by   ALRLPN
    I am doing the excelsior LPN to RN but you need to be a working nurse and will obtain an associate degree first, I am unsure if there is any LPN to BSN you will most likely have to bridge to ASN first. If you go for your BSN it wouldn't be a bridge from what I was told...If anyone does know of a ASN to BSN i would be very interested as this is my next step and I should be all finished up by spring - summer the lastest.
  4. by   HyzenthlayLPN
    University of Oklahoma has an excellent LPN to BSN Bridge program

    LPN to BSN

    It is mostly online with one class meeting per month. There are full time (9-months) and part-time (18 months) options.
  5. by   bigmamabear
    HyzenthlayLPN- is there an option to do it without the one class meeting a month? I'm in the Deep South and it would be a plane ride for me to manage that.