looking into different types of nursing, any advise?

  1. hello, i am just curious, as i am soon to (hopefully) graduate, what the different areas of nursing a new lpn can work in? i am planning on contiuing my education and obtaining my rn and eventually i would like to work in maternity(thinking of a level 2/special care nursery). but until i obtain my rn, i was just wondering what would the best area be for me. i know lpn's work in pediatrics dr. offices(and other dr. offices)...you can do home care for children with special medical needs, correctional institutions, ltc & rehabs. does anyone know if i am missing any other areas lpn's work in? and what is agency? why is their pay so much higher than other areas? what is the difference between working for a dr. office(or any other area) and an agency?
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    1. Long-term care
    2. Subacute rehab
    3. Acute rehab
    4. Clinic nursing
    5. Psychiatric nursing
    6. Hospice
    7. Home health
    8. Postpartum
    9. Med-surg
    10. Dialysis

    . . .and many other areas. . .
  4. by   condie295
    Try a school.Apply at the school district.