1. Resident had fall came back with possible concussion and contusion..Nurse stated resident was a little anxious and gave prn ativan 1mg at 1300 and 1700. Resident seemed to calm down and was alert and responsive, propelling himself throught the halls and pretty much preforming adl's with assistance obtained from nursing notes...is it safe to give ativan even when CT scan came back with no acute findings...Mds were given and resident was fine the rest of the night...Was that a poor nursing judgement or was she worried the the increase in anxiety could make the brain worst...I asked did he sleep or appear drowsy she stated no he was up for the 12 hours i've been here..I had given ativan 1mg twice the day before and resident didn't respond well to it..it was given for increased anxiety and worked temporarily..she stated that ativan given would not harm him...
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