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Well, I'm tired of living the way I'm living working as a CNA and EMT never having anytime off breaking my back and getting nowhere still not cracking 10 dollars per hour in either job. I've decided... Read More

  1. by   lovinlife11
    Be encouraged by your choices, Lpn route is a solid choice an a good stepping stone if you do decide to go the Rn route. Sounds like you have a good head on your shoulders!! Good luck in nursing school!
  2. by   downsouthlaff
    Thanks Lovinlife 11 I was young and arrogant as many know on this forum but being an EMT and a year as a CNA in the nursing home definently whipped me into shape!! But I like to belive that I'm headed in the right direction and look forward to the future! I don't care if your a CNA and LPN an RN, housekeeper DON, lasting over a year in the nursing home is VERY HARD, it's real easy to fly off the handle with all the mean bosses, backstabbing co workers, mean residents, unbelievable work situations! But I like to feel proud of my accomplishment of sticking it out and staying! And now nearly a year later all of my CNA co workers are different people except for the 3 or 4 long timers! But it's great that after a year after all tge BS I would like to remain in this environment and move up in my studies. Working in a nursing home is like being a glass glass leaning over the edge of a counter top, it could fall over any minute and you can be fired for the most ridiculous thing but some of those glasses stay on the edge of that countertop for 30 plus years and do just fine!!
  3. by   traveljunkie
    Here in San Francisco LVNs make $25 to $40 per hour depending where you work. The LVN to RN is a very good route. You basically cut out the waiting period for the program. There are soooo many different opportunities. My friend who has been an LVN for 3 years recently got a job on a cruise ship as a medic. She gets to cruise to Mexico, S America and Canada all year round and make $$ doing it. Good luck and have a Blessed Life!

    Nancy from SF