I need some advice from CT LPN's

  1. Hi,
    I graduated from a CT LPN program in August of 08 and got my license in November of 08 and I have not been able to find employment anywhere. I have no shift or location preference and at this point am considering looking into other states. I have mostly applied to LTC facilities due to the fact that most hospitals don't hire LPN's at all. I have no other health care experience other that working as a homemaker/companion, other than that I was a banker/student for several years. I would love to work in homecare again but I need 6 months to 1 year worth of experience. So where am I supposed to get that experience??? I don't know if it's my resume that sucks and have also considered hiring a professional resume writer. I have never even been called back for an interview. Does anyone have any suggestions?? How hard is it to change careers? What should a resume include for a person that has experience in a completely different field?
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