How long is the process to get your LVN endorsement by education in cali

  1. I am extremely stressed. I have been trying to apply for this license since Feb. 2017. They ever answer the phones at BVNPT. When I do call I am on the phone for 2 hours! I just want to know the proper way of submitting all information and the length of time to be advised that I can sit for my NCLEX-PN. Is anybody currently going through this or has in the past. I really want to take this test to get the ball rolling but there are continuous road blocks on their part with the lack of staff to answer these questions.
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  3. by   caliotter3
    If you make a trip to the office and ask in person, you are likely to make headway faster.
  4. by   Crystal-Wings
    I live in Cali. They took a YEAR to send me my license. They are awful!
  5. by   clinicalteach
    I had to endorse from North Carolina. It took eight months. I never understood why since in North Carolina my scope of practice allowed me to hang iv meds, work with central lines and push narcs post op things out of scope in California.