help with IVs

  1. I am in my second semester of LPN school. Next Thursday we will be learning IVs. Any help on how to make it easier. I feel really intimidated by this skills check off. :uhoh21:
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  3. by   tookewlandy
    I just got signed off on this today, i was nervous but i got through it and did pretty well.

    Learn/Memorize the steps according to the way the your school wants you to do it and then you'll be set, its not that hard its just nerve wracking

    Remember all the principles of Venipuncture(IV) and IV infusions( i.e when finding a site start distal and work your way up,use non dominate limb first, the veins in the arm/hand, what site would you not want to use, Never stick the stylet back through the OTN catheter d/t risk of breaking it off nd causing catheter embolism, Put tourniquet 5 -6" above insertion site and never leave on for more a min, explain the procedure to the client nd inform of any sensations...etc) you get the drift

    Go slow and talk yourself though it, you'll do fine

    here is link to video
  4. by   danh3190
    Starting IVs isn't all that hard. Gets easier with practice.

    I find two things that make a difference is choosing a decent vein (straight, not hard, no valves) and stabilizing it well while actually starting the IV.