Help!!! New nurse no experience!!!!

  1. Help!!! Im still considered a new nurse even though I got my license ages ago. I have no experience because I was not able to work right after school/passing my boards because I had to have extensive surgery then got pregnant! I need a job ASAP! No place will really hire without experience so im at a loss as to where I should go or what I should do.
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  3. by   aviahhasmyheart
    Does anyone know of any home health angencies or elsewhere that hires new grads?
  4. by   shortscrubbs108
    Have you applied at different places, as in ltc, hopital, dr.s office, etc...? Another thing is networking, I don't know how long ago you graduated but try to get in contact with your instructors and old classmates to see if they know of any openings.
    Good luck! I hope you find something soon.
  5. by   himynameis
    I could use some advice also. I have had my license since 2008 but have no experience.