Help need advice! LVN Per Diem or LTC

  1. I am basically fresh outta school with 4 months experience on spinal cord injury and med/surg in a very respectable hospital. But due to the stress of being on a flex schedule being bounced around from day shifts to nights multiple times in one week I plan to move to another facility. At the moment i have two options.

    Option 1: I can either work in at a per diem staffing agency that will guarantee me in writing at leat 32 hours per week for 13 week contracts at an exceptionally high rate. The great thing about this is... I choose the days and hours i want to work which is great! Also.. at the end of a 13 week contract i can take a vacation and come back with another 13 week contract guaranteed. My concerns are that by working per diem at only 4 months experience i might get overwhelmed. The staffing agency assures me i will be fine as they even hire new grads right out school with no experience. Their reasoning is that the facility they work with actually work with and prefer new grads so they can teach them their ways.
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