charge nurse leaving before report ends? okay?

  1. My fourth day at new job(LTAC unit), still on orientation...
    30min befor shift change, Pt goes bad. I inform my charge nurse who tells me to call Dr. (Charge does not evaluate pt. herself.)
    Dr. orders pt. to be transported to ER.

    So I am now in the middle of a transfer, while staff nurses are giving report. I look up with a question and not only has my orientation nurse left, but so has my charge nurse.
    I took my questions to the oncoming charge nurse. No biggy, except that I needed my RN to sign the MAR for the IVP's she had given my pt. I had asked her several times through out the day, but she was on the phine, busy, yeah yeah later, etc.

    I guess what I am asking as a first year LPN:
    Is this something to be expected? And should I be a little more aggressive about charge documentation?
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  3. by   Tweety
    Hi. I'll move this post out of the "nursing polls" forum and into the LPN forum where you are more likely to get some feedback.