Applying for LTC question

  1. Hello everyone! I am a new nurse and looking for my first job, although LTC isn't my first choice I am starting to look into it more to get some experience and get a nice base in nursing. I am applying for a position at a local nursing home and I was wondering if it is wise to send in my resume with the application? On the application it wanted me to list previous job duties, and as a current pharmacy technician I was not able to list anything besides "refill prescriptions and answer questions" on the application because the space was so limited. So I was going to put "see resume" under it so they could see all the job duties I do. What do you think?
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  3. by   jaycee15
    Sounds like a good idea.
  4. by   katiescow
    Absolutely! Eventually they will ask to see resume's anyway and like you said you can't always fit everything you want them to see on the application but you should also write your resume in a way that compliments your skills and knowledge for example: Change answered questions to-Provided pt education about their medications, or for refilling prescriptions- efficiently obtained and provided pt's prescriptions in a timely manner.

    Spice it up! Make it stand out