Amount of Penalty for Withdrawing school!!PLS HELP!

  1. Hi Im recently going to a private school right now.My question is how much do I have to pay if I withdrew from the school.I started 2 weeks ago and now I will have to withdraw because this week my aunt from Canada called me up and told me if i wanted to go to school overthere and they will pay for my tuition and stuff.I might even get to go to a university overthere which is nice since they're paying for it.

    Do you guys know How much the penalized for the program?I've been to school for about 52 hrs now someone told me its $7000 dollars for 2 weeks being in school that's crazyyy...Hopefully it's something very low.I'll appreciate any comments you guys have or any help.

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  3. by   t0byzmom
    If I were you, I'd meet with a representative in the registrar's office. They will give you accurate information.