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lpn licensing process:how it works?

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hi.im a new lpn graduate in michigan. I want to ask how does the lpn license process work in michigan? is it true that once i receive my att,i will also get a provisional license to work as an lpna and need to have 120 clinical hours to get my real license?

Lets say I get my att together with my provisional license, then pass the boards, what's next? Can I work as an lpn,just give my employer my license number so they can verify my license online?Do I still need to use my provisional license and work 120 hours before I get my paper license by mail?

I'm confused with this process if somebody could give me step by step details how this works.I really did not know about this provisional license thing.I just thought once I pass the boards,I can just give my employer my license and they verify it online,I can work without needing to complete 120 clinical hours and just wait for my paper license by mail.

Thank you.

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