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LPN Just passed the NCLEX looking for a Job

jawadito jawadito (New) New

Hey guys, I had a question if anyone could help: I just received the letter from IBON stating that I had passed the NCLEX, and that I should send in application for a License with a 50$ check which I did. now I was wondering how long it would take for my name to appear on the Illinois BON website on the License checkup thing. because I received a call from an employer saying that they can't do anything until my name is onthere...this process is soooo long and frustrating.:cry:

here in las vegas it takes 2 to 3 weeks....

how long did it take for u to get the letter from Il BON? i just found out that i passed my nclex today from the pearson vue quick result and im not sure what my next step is?


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