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Hello! I am about to get my LPN and I have a few questions about jobs and getting my RNs.

1. Where are LPNs allowed to work in Hospitals?

2. Where should I try to get a job as an LPN that will let me specialize in something?

3. I will be getting my RN as soon as possible after my LPN, so I was wondering if getting it online is a good idea? Does it prepare you for the test? Can you get jobs relatively easy after getting your RN online or is it better to get it through a University?

Thank You!

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I don't know the answer to your questions as I don't work in the US but knowing what sort of areas you wish to live in and what sort of areas you want to specialise in may make a difference to the replies


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I was looking at specializing in Pediatrics or Trauma. Also I won't like to live along the coast, anywhere really but I'm looking at Oreagin and Washington because those are te best states for NPs so it would be nice to get practice in there.