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LPN Entrance exam at Erie1 Boces

by dcdavis dcdavis (New) New Pre-Student

Has anyone recently taken the online entrance exam for the LPN program at Boces( Buffalo,NY) its something new their doing since the pandemic. If so how was it?

I’m also taking it and kinda nervous about it! 😩 How was it for you? I’m taking it May 5th. Everything happen so fast!

I took it yesterday 😩 It was pretty rough LOL they include science and English compared to when you actually go to boces to take it, it’s only reading and math. What month will the class start you’re testing for?

The class I’m trying to get into starts May 18th. I called and spoke to someone and they said the same... It’s basic math and a reading test. That’s kinda upsetting. How are they setting students up for success with throwing on these subjects last min😖 are you starting in May too?