LPN - CLPNA complaint close stays on record?

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I am LPN working in Alberta. Recently , my previous employer filed complaint against me because of unprofessional behavior. CLPNA investigate complaint and advised me to complete LPN Ethics course online. They will close this matter once i complete this course.

My question is - Once i am complete this course and matter will close then will it stays on my record that i undergo investigate complaint unprofessional behavior ? Would that be any implication in future if there will be any other complaint ?

Could you please help me understand how this complaint impact in future once the matter closed for now?

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Please help with this situation. As Nursing body advised to complete online course that also show up on my current license condition as [ Monitoring orders ] . I am so stress as this condition on license will be remove after i complete the online course and send certificate to them?

Please let me know as this is so critical for me to handle. Any help would be appreciate! Thanks!

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Have you tried asking the college?

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Once you have met their requirements for remediation they will remove your conditions. But be aware that if there is another complaint against you at any time, they will still have a record of this one, and will take it into consideration when investigating any subsequent complaints. And if you decide to register in another province you will have to disclose this incident.

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In Ontario it will still show up online even after you complete online requirement. Prospective employers can see it.