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LPN to BSN Online/ISU

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I have been working as an LPN for nearly two years. I had always planned to complete my RN but due to some family circumstances I was unable to continue as scheduled so I took a break and decided to take the NCLEX-PN while deciding what to do with school. I've decided I want to go back, but my work hours limit where I can go. I have seen other threads about Indiana State University and WI LPNs. I have seen all the warnings about The College Network and all of that, what I am looking for is someone who has completed or is nearly done with the LPN to BSN degree with ISU and for their input on how they felt the program went. Especially if they live in WI. I am great at managing my time, and actually do well with online courses so that is not my concern. Was finding a proctor hospital/school difficult? How long did it take you to complete the program?