Low GPA? Options


Hello all

I was about to schedule myself to take the Kaplan nursing school exam next week. I’ve been studying off and on and not sure if I’m thinking realistically or just low confidence.

my GPA is 3.2. I thought perhaps if I Get at least an 85% in the Kaplan I might have a chance of getting in. I’m applying to a community college and you know how competitive it is. Only 60 spots. The test is $50 and although I have the money it really is needed towards food or gas.

My other plan was to apply to LPN school in the spring. I feel like I might have a better chance of getting in.

any advice please? Thank you


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I would recommend an ASN or LPN program at a Community College. The cost is more affordable than a private college

shabish, CNA

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Thank you. I decided to go ahead and take a chance to take the Kaplan. It’s for a local community college and I’ll apply for the LPN program in the Spring also.


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Apply everywhere and see where you gain admission, good luck!