Low demand for LVNs? How true?

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hi, i am currently in the process of getting into lvn program but heard lots of stories about lvns not getting jobs, i want to go to a private school where i'll be spending a lot to get it done. should i go ahead or just go for my rn program?



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Hi and Congrats on getting into a nursing program! I live in the central valley in California (in a small town of about 75,000 people) so that is where I'm speaking from. In our area, no there is not a demand for LVN's. We do have three convalescent homes that hire LVN's (our hospitals do not). My best friend is a director for a home care and assisted living facility and gets daily calls from LVN's seeking employment. Her response is that they can be hired as a caregiver or med-tech at $8.25 an hour but they do not hire LVN's; she still get numerous applicants from LVN's seeking the work.

As I said, this is the area I live and work in; I don't know about other areas but here, there are no jobs for LVN's.


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I'm in the capital area of ca. In my area, lvns aren't typically hired in acute care settings but are being used a great deal in LTC settings. In my area , the pay in these settings is about 20/ hr. Do research to find out if new grad jobs exist for lvns and to find out what pay to expect. Compare that to the cost of the loan repayments. This is what I did to help myself to make a decision as to how much I'm willing to pay for school. HTH!

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Im from the Philadelphia area in PA and LPN's are hired at LTC facilities, prisons, Emergency Rooms in certain hospitals, as school nurses, home health care, nursing homes, etc there are a great amount of jobs for LPN's in my area.



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Im from the Philadelphia area in PA and LPN's are hired at LTC facilities, prisons, Emergency Rooms in certain hospitals, as school nurses, home health care, nursing homes, etc there are a great amount of jobs for LPN's in my area.
I live in the Philly burbs, so that is really good news to me. I'll be graduating from an LPN program next summer. Thanks

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Hi there and congrats on the nursing program!

I am also in an LPN program and was worried about the same thing. But then I realized, what better way to be a better R.N. then to start as an LPN and slowly work you way into RN. Start with the chronically ill and really build those nursing process skills!

The old age nursing motto was to phase out LPN's, then they realized that LPN's are super beneficial in LTC, Jails, and home health care and behavioral health. I have been in the field awhile and have always been around LPN's in a variety of locations across the States. The nursing society seems to be aiming it's focus now on RN's getting higher degrees such as BSN. I know one major hospital here in the city really hires only BSN nurses. Of course the RN at any level is a value, but a BSN will get that job quicker and faster.

My point is things are always evolving and changing, but the fact is ..LPN's are still here and doing well. There is always a need for nurses. What capacity and degree can vary. But the great thing about LPN's is we can function in these facilities and provide excellent care to those in long term or chronic care facilities. We can do this rather independently and get paid a lot less for it then an R.N. but yet the pay isn't that horrible. I mean $17-20 seems to be average. Of course, our scope requires an oversight RN, but in my experience, it's the LPN who runs these places.

Don't let others determine your dream. Be one to help change the thought process of LPN's not being any less then a valued nurse in the medical field!!

Good Luck!!



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I'm in Fresno CA and starting LVN school in Jan but afterwards transfering to RN. I am doing this route to gain experience while going to school at the same time. I know prisons hire LVN's and that's my ultimate goal so for me its ok. For others who don't want to work in a prison setting may find it harder to get a high paying position but any experience is better then none right??Good luck, hope that helps

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I completed an LVN program in southern California and relocated out of the state soon after graduation to find employment.

From upstate NY, LPN's are in demand in many places such as hospitals, physician offices, LTC facilities, and day programs for people with developmental disabilities.



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From what I have seen as an EMT in NY, PA & NJ LPN are in medium to high demand. Most NYC hospitals still hire LPNs ($25/hr) and if you have the right skills LTC in NJ pays quite well. Good luck!



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I got really lucky! I got my hard copy of my license 08/20/12(a Monday), I put in an application at a sub-acute rehab on 08/24/12(Friday Morning), and I received a call for an interview 6 hours later, Had the interview Monday 08/27 and started work the following Morning. They offered me $32 per hour base pay and $1 differential for PM shift and $2 differential for NOC shift. I am so thankful to have landed something so quick, I honestly just happened to be at the right place at the right time. I'm in the Bay Area, CA



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No one can tell you what you should do. Research you area.

There's always going to be people who end up a..sed out. Your personal mileage may vary.

I'm S. Texas and a 'baby nurse'.

I have a job working geri psych. Pay is $20/hr. I pull doubles on the w/ends.

Recently got on with a staffing company for more exp and income last week. Verymuch pleased about that. Staffing companies and such don't seem to like to touch new grads. I don't blame them, though.

They usually don't train you for your position and it's too much independence for someone who has yet to be trained as a nurse. I feel comfortable with these types of pt's though.

The pay range is $17-25. Depends on what the different facilities pay their staff. We do hospice, behavioral and hospital care mostly. I was told that I wouldn't be allowed to work in the hospitals because I don't have a year of experience. That's fine with me, though. I can wait.

There's a low-demand in the hospitals, but the pay is crappy. The hospitals can keep their jobs, in my opinion. $13 and 14/hr?

Ugh. I want exp, too. I just won't work for pennies.

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