Love my job, but how will I move from it?

by snow22 Member

Hello fellow LTC nurses. I am curious. I really want to try to move on from it, eventually, but I really love my job so far! I enjoy the routine and I enjoy knowing my residents by name. I once worked at an acute setting, in a medsurg unit but found that the pacing was not fit for my personality.

The only things I find that can be troubling is the lack of teamwork in my facility (whether or not this a problem across the board is questionable) and the fighting with physicians regarding things such as pain medications...which I've read in several other posts is common in this section of nursing.

Is there something similar to LTC care that I can try?

I've thought about going back to school and getting my masters for education, and becoming a geriatric educator at a college. However I want my options to be very open.

Thanks for your help!