Wait Lists in Louisiana

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    I live in California and am in my last semester of completing the prerequisites for most nursing programs. However, when it comes to applying to actual programs, things become difficult and most programs have waiting lists that can go on for three years, regardless of grades. Are you experiencing the same things in Louisiana? My husband and I would be willing to move if it meant completing my education in a better time frame. Any feedback that you have as to the climate of programs and education in Louisiana would be much appreciated!

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  3. by   BundokSaint
    Haven't heard of any waiting lists once you're accepted to any of the programs in my area around New Orleans, and definitely no three year waiting lists!

    Now, some programs you have to apply anywhere from a few months to a year in advance, but as long as you meet the pre-reqs, have good grades, take the required tests, and are accepted, you are in.