Update LPN refresher--could be very useful!!

  1. Hi, Y'all!

    I couldn't find a refresher course in or near Slidell, LA--but I spoke with Cherille at the Board and basically an LPN that hasn't practiced in four or more years has two options: 1) Find an RN at a LTC facility willing to fill out the forms to proctor you OR during the period you didn't work if you cared for a relative, friend, or volunteered--say, after Katrina, document the dates and the care you provided--be specific, provide proof of ID, and there is a VERY GOOD CHANCE that you will not have to take a refresher course!!!
    I was so glad I called, because during the time I was not employed, I cared for my son who was dx w/CF in 1986, my aged father, my mother (who was in an MVA and had a massive stroke), my husband, my daughter, and the people in my neighborhood after Katrina.
    I called on tuesday, sent all my documentation in early Wed. morning, and got my application for reinstatement yesterday!!!!
    I hope this helps!!
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