RN in pediatric office- pay?

  1. Can anyone tell me what a RN in a pediatric office gets paid? Does experience play a part? Thanks for the info!!
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  3. by   dacryocystitis
    I don't work in a peds office, but I did work in a neurology office. I think the pay rate depends on your location (i.e., which state; metro or rural area) and your experience. If you have a lot of experience, you can probably negotiate higher wages.

    Generally speaking, office nurses are paid less than hospital nurses. Specialty offices will probably pay slightly more than family practice or internal medicine.
  4. by   LisaCRN05
    I have been hired to work in MA for 21.00/hr. The only good thing is that I can supplement with agency work and have no weekends or holidays.
  5. by   Bassetmum
    I worked in a large pediatric office for 18 yrs and when I left I was making $23.75. Many of my co-workers were making $15-20 but where they start all depended on there previous experience.