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  1. Just curious, when applying for a job or liscensure, is it necessary to disclose if one is in recovery or ever been in substance abuse treatment?
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  3. by   kmc22
    Yes for licensure you are supposed to tell them if you have been addicted to drugs or alcohol in the last 5 years. Some people might tell you not to but if you don't & the board finds out they might not give you a license for failure to let them know. It's a catch-22.
  4. by   caliotter3
    I've always noticed that question is asked on the forms when I renew my license. I also read the board proceedings on the BRN website concerning my former DON who had her license revoked. She was required to inform employers about her license status as part of the stipulations placed on her license by the board. She also was restricted in the type of work she could do while her license was on probation, and was required to inform the Board whenever she changed employers. Bad business. Nothing I ever want to go through.
  5. by   sirI
    Answers to these questions cannot be addressed by the membership of for it is beyond our scope.

    Good luck.