Nurse Tech/Charity students

  1. anybody working as nurse tech and going to Charity or went to charity
    im interested in knowing if its feasible while in school and how much is the pay
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  3. by   justblink
    The hospitals in the area have nurse tech programs that understand you're in school and generally go to great lengths to work around your schedule. I saw a flyer around school a few months ago claiming nurse tech pay in the $7-8/range. This particular hospital's program required that you work one shift every 6 months to stay active in the system.

    I do know that lots of students work as nurse techs in the summer before graduation. From what I've heard, it really gives you more confidence in your skills. I know several new grads who were hired in the unit which originally hired him/her as a tech -- that way, you know some of the staff and the policies/procedures.

    is it worth it? yep.
  4. by   jemommyRN
    I had a nurse tech position, but I would only work it during holidays or vacations, summer etc. They understood that.