New Grad RN Relocating...advice?

  1. Hi, I am planning on moving out to Baton Rouge area from CA in the next couple months. Does anyone have any advice for this transition? I am worried about patient ratios mainly- I have a tentative offer for a med/ surg telemetry floor. The hospital is Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center- can anyone offer some insight?
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  3. by   RN2b0514
    Hi I know this is an older post but I was wondering if you took the med tele job at OLOL. I am a new grad and I just got an offer on that floor or a chance to do the residency program. Can you tell me anything about the floor or working at the hospital?
  4. by   dascorsone
    I'm a CA new grad also looking to relocate. I've gotten three calls in three days to schedule interviews. It's a shocker after being in CA and hearing from previous graduating classes with grads that still don't have jobs after a year! Sad. I am praying that La opens up this door for me the rest of the way (after my May 14 interviews). Ready to come home!