LSU CARE Program Fall 2018

  1. Hi everyone!

    There may be a thread already started but I wanted to get a group going for everyone who has applied to LSU's CARE Program for Fall 2018 admission.
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  3. by   sdk1908
    Not sure if my last post went thru... I've applied (Fall 2018), I wonder how long before we hear anything
  4. by   GraceBSN
    I've seen old posts that say around the middle of February applicants know if they have an interview or not
  5. by   sdk1908
    I just check w/ my friend last night, who is a student there now & she said the same thing. Beginning to middle of Feb
  6. by   steeners
    According to the email I received from LSU, we should hear back no later than February 19.

    It kind of feels like an eternity after waiting more than a year to get to this point! Haha.
  7. by   sdk1908
    OMG yes it does! Lol torture lol
  8. by   sdk1908
    Has anyone applied anywhere else?
  9. by   tigre
    Has anyone heard anything back yet?
  10. by   LuluTM
    No word yet here.