LPN jobs in New Orleans area?

  1. I am currently living and going to LPN school in Tx but plan on moving back to the NO area next year and was wondering if any hopitals hire LPN's? If I remember correctly usually LPN's work in doctor's offices and nursing homes, correct? If you know of any hospitals in the area that hire LPN's please let me know, it might help us decide where to live. And any LPN pay info would be great also.
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  3. by   mytoon38
    I haven't lived in New Orleans since 2004, but when I was there, I think almost all of the hospitals hired LPN's. Try looking on these hospital websites:

    www.ejgh.org www.wjgh.org www.tuhc.com www.touro.com

    I think all of the websites have a link to jobs.

    Good Luck!
  4. by   melinda lee
    what is the pay rate for an lpn in slidell,i only have 3 yrs experience avd got my degree from nunez community college.
  5. by   boos-mom
    I worked at Touro, right out of nursing school in1993 and LOVED that job! I workd on ortho-neuro, but floated all over. At one point , they attemped to rid themselves of LPN's, but it wasn't cost effective. The SNF unit was very highly regarded, too.
    good luck!