Louisiana Nursing School Rankings

  1. What do you consider the best Nursing school(s) in Louisiana?
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  3. by   nursinggirl123
    i have no idea but i NEED to know the same thing.. ive searched everywhere!
  4. by   cpkRN
    Quote from NurseMaybeBaby
    What do you consider the best Nursing school(s) in Louisiana?
    Well, that is open to opinions, but to start with, what area of the state are you interested in? Are you looking to get your LPN, ASN, or BSN? Maybe this will give you a start:http://www.lsbn.state.la.us/document...Report2011.pdf Scroll down to page 67 and look at the NCLEX pass rates for each school. The more people who pass on the first try is normally indicative of how well a school prepares you. Don't necessarily concentrate on the best, concentrate on what you want out of nursing school and your ultimate future goals. I'm a graduate of LSU and I have no issues with the education I received. The majority of my colleagues in the workforce attended Charity. The only reason I chose LSU over Charity is because I wanted to go straight through my BSN instead of getting an ASN and having to bridge later.
  5. by   Katie71275
    I attend Louisiana Tech and I think it is a great program...It's hard, but it prepares you. Last year pass rate was 94%, I think it's even higher for this year so far.