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  1. Ok so don't judge me but I'm just now getting all my ducks in a row to apply for Spring 2014 The app deadline is Monday and I'm taking the HESI Friday. My GPA is a 3.25. How do I calculate my profile points? I've seen a few people mention it and I have no idea how to do it. Also any pointers for the HESI? I haven't taken A&P 2 yet but I got an A in A&P 1. Any help appreciated.
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  3. by   BundokSaint
    Here's Charity's Admission Requirements & Information webpage:
    Admission Requirements & Information - Charity - Delgado Community College

    Click on "Academic Assessment Form" to see how to calculate your profile score.
  4. by   Jaimevalentin
    Thanks! One more thing, I took the HESI but I see on Delgado's site that they also require a critical thinking portion. I didn't see that on the test do you know anything about that?