CSN Basics students for Fall 2010!!

  1. Can y'all believe we are already 2 weeks away from clinicals!! Crazy!
    I was really blind sided by that first test! I've been a straight A student my whole life so the fact that I made a C is very hard for me to accept. I ordered the "Fundamentals of Nursing School Success" yesterday morning because everyone has been telling me that will help me learn how to think more like a nurse on these test questions!! How is everyone liking it so far?!
    Good luck!!
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  3. by   RN2B12
    I'm applying to CSN for the Fall 2011 semester. Do you know what the average profile score of accepted students is? Good luck
  4. by   beejaycee
    Lots of high-performing students were laid low by that first test! We practiced the NCLEX-style questions from everywhere we could find them and that seemed to help me. If you are worried about the next test, the study guide that you can buy for the text book also has helped me and the retention counselor (can't post names here) on the 3rd floor has some really good stuff to share, if you've not already made it in to see her.

    We do practice/argue sessions with questions from all 3 sources. But I'm loving every minute of it!