Can I pick someone's brain on BRCCS nursing program?

  1. Hi! I started my first semester last fall. I'd intended on going for BRCCS ultrasound program, but it's a 9-5, even through summer and I have two little ones so I'm not sure how I would make that work later down the road, when the time would come. I am also very interested in nursing. Can someone here tell me what the hours are for the program? I got one email from a teacher and she said it varies. I'm just curious if it is also a 9-5, that runs through summer. Applying for either would be at least a year down the road but I'm trying to make a decision so I don't take unnecessary pre-requisites. Also, I will be taking my pre-requestes at RPCC. Did anyone have trouble getting in to either program with not having taken their pre-reqs at BRCC? Thanks so much, sarah.
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