1. When do you take the HESI test?
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  3. by   MsTunson
    Hey I haven't registered yet, I think we can register in march to take it.
  4. by   lilREDthang
    OO ok so we wont be able to try for the Nursing program until 2014?
  5. by   MsTunson
    Im hoping to apply in the spring. I'll be finished with my pre-reqs in the fall...
  6. by   lilREDthang
    Quote from lilREDthang
    When do you take the HESI test?
    I will be finish my pre reqs n fall too..
  7. by   MsTunson
    Are you going to apply for the spring? Did you get your syllabus for math 110 yet?
  8. by   lilREDthang
    I would like to. I'm taking Psyc 201 online, I took math already
  9. by   MsTunson
    I took math already too and I hate it... I already have a bachelors degree. I was going to take it over bc it was a few yrs ago but I'm going to keep my C.. Lol
  10. by   MsTunson
    lilREDthang I just sent you a message...
  11. by   lilREDthang
    The answer is yes. It said I haven't posted enough to reply. But I was going to too because I had a B but it wouldn't allow me to register for that class