Any leads on LPN openings in the New Orleans area?

  1. Hello fellow Louisiana nurses. Do any of you know of current LPN openings in or around the New Orleans area? I'm currently employed on the West Bank, but the environment is terrible and I have got to get out of there...the sooner the better. Any leads would be appreciated. I see that Ochsner has a million positions, but I can't afford to make 12-13 an hour. Thanks guys!
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  3. by   nursemami4
    You could always try home health. They pay 25-35 per visit for lpns. Guardian home health in Metairie is always looking for lpns and rns. Good luck. I worked at ochsner main campus as an lpn in 2010 and averaged 18/hour working the night shift. You make higher diff at night. I now do home health and recently graduated as an RN from excelsior college. I make much more now add an RN in home health. 45-55 per visit and 65-100 per visits for admits, recerts, and high skill visits. more paper work but worth the pay.