Any CNM's in Louisiana?

  1. If you are a CNM in Louisiana, please help. I have searched the requirements to obtain certification in midwifery. You must attend a college that offers a masters in nursing, but the college must have a focus for CNM. As far as I have searched, there are no colleges that certify Midwifes in the state of Louisiana. I would have to go to college out of state, which is ok, but I would rather stay in state if I could. I know they offer online programs, but are those really good? I don't see how the could be. If you are out there, what did you do?
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    The college/university doesn't certify you. After completing the midwifery program, you will be nationally certified by whatever entity the state of Louisiana (BON) deems necessary. More than likely from the American College of Nurse Midwives.