A Little help please........anyone from New Olreans,La.

  1. Hi everyone,
    I'm currently back home in New Orleans & back in school at Delgado College. I'm a pre-nursing student trying to achieve my goal of becoming an RN. I've decided to take a CNA course while in college. Can anyone help me by telling me what would be some great places to start working as a CNA in NEW ORLEANS.

    Also I here the pay rate of CNA's has gone up. Can anyone name a few places and pay rate's of those places???:spin:

    Thanks to all u wonderful responders!!!!!!!
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  3. by   uniquenurse07
    Hi. There is a company that i am with in B.R. called Maxim Healthcare services. There is also one in New Orleans as well. I know they pay $9 weekday and $10 on weekends. I don't know the number for the one in N.O. though. Hope this helps.:spin:
  4. by   les70808
    ochsners pays 10.00/hr