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Lottery schools... Golden West College?


Hey guys!

I'm new to the area and still trying to figure out where I will be applying, if I meet the minimum criteria, etc. I saw in my searches on this board that Golden West College is based on a lottery system of qualified applicants... Does anyone have anymore information on this? How many are chosen per lottery, how many qualified applicants are there typically? I've read good reviews about the school in recent years, so something must be working for them! :)

Also, is this the only lottery system school around Orange County? Do you have any more information on such schools? I live in Orange County, but I'm willing to commute to LA or even San Diego. Looking at other posts on here, it makes me nervous about how fierce the competition is at most schools so I figured I would apply to a few schools with a lottery system as well.

I really appreciate ya'lls help!:)