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we lost someone today...

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30 schooldays till graduation and we lost someone today. a student. not her choice. I feel so awfull for her...

I attend a VERY INTENSE full time LPN program. we have all worked so hard all year we started with 22 now we are down to 11. Has this happened to anyone else? I am scared to death that something will happen and next time it will be me... my grades are good i have worked so hard, we all have struggled sooooo much to get here and now this. we have been told that you can get dropped right up to the day of graduation. this stress is killing me!! I took my clinical lab finals today and even though i picked a very easy skill test (luck of the draw somehow) I was such a nervous wreck I really thought i was going to fail. I passed somehow though. SO is this just my program or is this everywhere? Also this is to other LPN's I graduate very soon and all i have done in clinical is bedbaths, bed making, D/C one foley and two IV's passed meds 2 X did 1 IM and 4 sub qs

I had been an aid a year before this and I feel like thats all i have done in clinical. As a student LPN i take orders from aids I have no problem with basic patient care but I want to be proficient in MORE THAN JUST THAT...............

Getting really worried that this is how the rest of the year will go.

Does any one have any info, input? is this usuall? or just me?

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Take a deep breath, and possibly a prayer or two. Be confident in yourself and others will too. Good luck. I remember walking in your shoes. That was 15 years ago now. I made it , I pray you do too!!!!:)


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Try to find a way not to stress to much. I say that now but I was there more years then I care to remember. Then went back to school and got my ADN in nursing, I stressed then a great deal. Now I am back in school for my BSN and I still stress now and then but I remember that as long as I do my best, relax and have confidence, I will be fine. I am sure you will be also. I was able to do many things as an LPN and see many sides of nursing I hope you will also.

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do for yourself.......

you do not know the circumstances of the other.........

you will do fine.......

yes, possibly there are changes that should be made with programs.......of course i know there are.....have been reminded of this greatly this year........

but chill..........

you have to take care of yourself or you can take care of no one else.........

and always remember..........

life is a journey.......we just all take different paths..............

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I'm with Micro...

Unless you personally were told of the circumstances of the other situation...

You know your grades, and your capabilities. If you are doing well, keep up your same study habits, and you will continue to do well. If not, get with a study group, or increase the amount of time you study.

How many clinical days do you have left? Somehow, I think your clinical instructor has let you down. My LPN clinical instructor could find that much practical stuff for us to do in a SINGLE day!

===This is what I would do===

On your next clinical day, let EVERY nurse on your floor know that you will be glad to perform any skill that you are allowed to. Insert and remove foleys, do dressing changes, pass meds (if you know and are comfortable with the meds you are passing), start IV's or hang piggies (if you are allowed), do head to toe assessments, listen to abdominal and breath sounds, evaluate extremeties for edema, observe any and all special procedures done at the bedside, etc. Be sure you have provided your own patient care first, but avail yourself of any opportunity to learn. If opportunity does not come to you, you must make your own opportunities!

Good luck!

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