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Looking to Volunteer


I've been a nurse for almost three years; 1.5 years Med/Surg and 1.5 years Peds. I have my BSN.

I am looking for a volunteer experience, but I have my student loans to think about (I have around 30k). I am interested in the Christian Peacemaker Team, Mercy Ship, Doctors without Boarders and the Peace Corps.

I have recently read that the federal government will be adding 1.5 billion towards loan repayment programs and I have been working on an IHS facility that offers it (so there is a good chance I can get loan forgivness in the future.

So I would love to volunteer internationally but I feel like I need to at least have my loans defered or make at least a small sum of money to pay my monthly payments while I am volunteering (I hope to do at least 2 years).

So far the peace corps seems like the most appropriate fit but can anyone offer more advice. What can I do to keep my student loans paid while I am volunteering