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Looking to start out in BICU

TaraSNKC TaraSNKC (New) New

Hi all,

I will be graduating in May and I am hoping to start of in the BICU. Is the BICU a hard place for a new grad to get started? Any advice would be great. I live in the Chicago area and was wondering how hard it is to find a job.



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I was once a Burn ICU nurse. In terms of qualifications, it depends on the hospital you are entering. In the hospital that I have worked with I was only entry-level back then.

Burn ICU is a special area that need special nursing skills. It is hard to adjust at first, but you will be adjusted as time passes by. This will greatly depend on how you really like to work on the unit.

I started in a BICU and found it challenging at times but feel that I am a better nurse for it!

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