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Looking to Relocate to Volusia County

by CHaysRN12 CHaysRN12 (New) New

Hello :),

I am a 2yr ER nurse looking to relocate from Georgia to the Volusia county area of Florida. I really have my heart set on the Ormond beach area, but don't mind a little commute. I have looked into housing, schools for the kiddies and what nots..... what I am looking for here is some insight into the hospitals in this area. I need to obtain a position at a nonprofit facility if possible (loan forgiveness in my future, lol). What are some nice facilities in this area, are they nonprofit, what is the pay rate, is it easy to obtain a position or a need to know someone kind of deal?!?! I currently have my BSN, and certs in BLS, ACLS, PALS, TNCC and I am seeking CEN certification in the near future, is there anything else that would boost my chances of landing a job in this area? Any other information, that probably hasn't crossed my mind yet would be greatly appreciated! :)