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Looking to relocate to Charlotte, NC

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Hi y'all!

My name is Nicole. I have 1+ years (14 months atm) of experience in postpartum/newborn nursery and I'm hoping to relocate to the Charlotte, NC area. Currently, I work in a non-union Harvard teaching hospital. In the unit where I work, staffing is becoming worse and worse, most recently I've had 6 couplets on day shift my last three shifts. I started on this unit as a new grad and I've learned so much given that we have a nice mix of healthy families and acute postpartum mothers. Upon hiring, I was told that I would have the opportunity to train on the antepartum unit within 6mo-1 year. This has not happened yet and training is far away on the horizon.

My desire to relocate is rooted in many details, but basically I did my undergrad in SC, have many friends in Charlotte, and I need a change. I would love any advice on the job market in Charlotte in mother/baby and high risk OB/antepartum. Is there anything I can do to make myself stand out to perspective employers given that my experience is limited? I've applied for my NC RN license by endorsement and am waiting on the temporary license to apply to job openings.

Thank you,


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