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Looking for recommendations

I'll be leaving out of town tomorrow night. And I want to start studying for my TEAS. Any good workbook, study guide recommendations ? I went to Barnes and noble and saw many TEAS prep book, I don't know what to look for. I ended up with McGraw-Hill Education TEAS Review (orange book) I went online to check the kind of TEAS I'll be taking and it's ATI TEAS. Do i have to look up for "ATI" is it only one kind of TEAS exam? How did you guys prep for the TEAS?

I have not run into any other TEAS exams that aren't from ATI, so it's safe to say anything with TEAS is for ATI's exam.

Study the guide, take practice tests, watch videos on subjects you need to review (Crash Course, Khan Academy, etc), use the two TEAS practice apps for your phone (one of them is on sale until Christmas), and make sure you keep track of areas you miss questions on and review the info you need to know. You can always buy a practice test off the ATI website, as it is set up very similar to the real TEAS.

I used the ATI Teas Study Manual. Got it from Amazon for like $12.


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