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Looking for Post MSN NP programs?


Specializes in Psych, med/surg, instructor, SNF. Has 10 years experience.


I completed my MSN in 2017 and am looking to diversify. I took the MSN program at WGU and really don't want to go through another 2 year program as the post Master's certificates can be completed in as little as 13 months- I'm looking at Olivet's online FNP program. They are evaluating everything and slated me for the 24-36 track MSN-FNP which I told them was incorrect, since I have an MSN... Anyways I'm waiting to hear back.

Does anyone have experience with them? I applied locally to Kent State and they wanted me to take an additional pharmacological course (I took all the three P's at WGU, but this is an Ohio requirement to have more hours of pharm).

Ideally I'd like a program to just start up and work through, I did the accelerated nursing program locally for my associates then completed the ADN-MSN in 15 months at WGU.

Let me know!