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looking for a nursing school

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hi im new to Georgia and i am looking for a nursing school so i can get my RN degree :nurse: and if not that at least my LPN degree:nurse:. All i have found so far for schooling is online classes and i dont want to get my degree that way i am a more hads on person and rather be in a class setting so o can consentrate better, i also feel that nursing/health care degrees and certificates should be done more in class/school then online because there is so much more to learn and do and u cant do it online. So if anyone could help me it would be greatly aprieciated.:lol2:

Google nursing schools in Georgia..there are plenty...MCG, Brenau University, Kennesaw to name a few

If you are only looking for an RN i.e. an AD, a lot of people go to GPC. But I don't know where you live. Use this link to see a full list of schools, http://www.sos.ga.gov/plb/rn/RN School Directory.pdf (AD is just an RN, BSN is bachelors) and then you can ask questions about these schools or look through some of the threads already on this board. I wouldn't do an online degree, and I wouldn't do LPN either simply because employment in GA is competitive. But that's just me.

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AD isn't "just" an RN, it's an Associates Degree in nursing, and many community and technical colleges offer programs. If you go to the Georgia Board of Nursing website, there's a link to approved nursing schools in Georgia under the "Questions and Other Information" tab. There's also a link under that same tab that gives you a PDF of NCLEX-RN results from each school from 2007-2010.

Regardless of what you choose to go for -- CNA, LPN, ADN/ASN - RN, or BSN-RN, I wish you the best of luck!~

My comment was in reference to the categories in the PDF, how AD refers to RN sans bachelors. Open the PDF if you dont believe me. Its Something I didn't know when first looking into nursing schools.

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Exhaustipated specializes in OR.

I don't think you're really reading that PDF correctly. It's listing the degree levels offered by schools: ADN, BSN, RN to BSN, Master's, and Doctorate. It doesn't call AD an RN without a bachelor's degree. The AD is a 2-year Associate's degree. The BSN is a four-year Bachelor's degree. Graduates with either degree take the same test for licensure.

Maybe I'm just misunderstanding you, but the way you worded it implies that an RN who holds an ADN does not a true college degree, and that just isn't true.


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