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Looking into LPN schools in Ohio.

by Aurora03 Aurora03 (New) New

I am looking into nursing schools in the Cincinnati/NKY area for LPN/LVN.

Which is the best route to go?

They have the schools such as Hondros, Galen and Beckfield. Then there are a couple of local community colleges which are about half the cost but are set up a bit differently with the learning styles and classes.

I am an older student wanting a career change. 42. I have wanted to go into nursing all my life, my kids are old enough now I can focus on a career for myself. I so have an AA and an AAS in Legal Studies from years before but I doubt they are as of much help now, and I think I will be starting fresh.

From your guys experienced POV which benefited you the most and worked best?

I get there will be plenty of hard work and stress, not afraid of that at all.

Thoughts? Considerations I should think about before I take the leap?

The main contenders are two different community colleges here because of cost and reputation of graduates etc.

Lay it out, the good bad and ugly. I appreciate you all taking the time to read my post.

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