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Looking to join the Holistic Community..

RNLynn88 RNLynn88 (New) New

Hey all you holistic nurses! :)

I have been a nurse for a while working in an ICU which until recently I have loved. However, my personal philosophies lean more towards holistic and Eastern Medicine practices and I find it challenging in a critical care atmosphere to implement these so I am starting to venture out and look for a new career path. I discovered a huge community of holistic nursing which I hadn't even known existed and am thrilled to start working towards this new path.

Needless to say I was hoping for some advice from nurses working in this field on how to really break into the field and start a meaningful career. I don't know anyone else with my same interests in the nursing community and was hoping for some direction from some of you lovely nurses already in the specialty. Any advice is much appreciated. Thank you!!

I am curious about holistic health nursing as well! I have started looking into the American Holistic Nurses Association and it looks like they have chapters in areas all around the United States. I plan on becoming a member and seeking insight from other nurses there. Good luck! ;)